Smell Something Cookin’?

You should. I am wandering the vast archives of “The Baron in Winter” and “Rush Hour Rambling” to bring you my version of Ride to Work’s “Twenty Ought-Six’s Greatest Hits”.

I plan to publish this tomorrow, while the girls are still out of town, and I remain in control of our Media Command Center. When they get back, the assault will begin, because they both received new computer stuff for Xmas. When it comes to defending against such an attack, my Rules of Engagement are terribly restrictive: Surrender, or die.

I’m just putting this out there because some of you probably think I’ve been slackin’.

6 Responses to “Smell Something Cookin’?”

  1. Bro Shagg Says:

    Slackin’ or Ramblin’- I prefer to think it’s the latter.

    WHen it comes to “the battle”, surrender is always the way to go!


  2. Bill Sommers Says:

    I know what it’s like to be at the end of the line waiting to use the Window To The World. As I was typing this, Billy asked when he could “play on the computer”. I told him Thursday.

    Can’t wait to see Gary’s Greatest Hits ‘06.

    Have fun,

  3. Tinker Says:

    I have to rebuild my my “main” home system, been working from my notebook computer. I have an IBM keyboard and an NEC Monitor, need to take the time to recover, from a software fault. Not taking time to rebuild my system is “slacking off”, you taking time to get a bit of riding done is NOT. It’s what keeps us coming back, isn’t it?

  4. The Snark Says:

    I practise a policy at home of keeping everyone here computer illiterate, and I control the passwords.


  5. Dan Jones Says:

    I cheat. We both have our own computers and I have used every trick in the book to keep them clean.

    I have found that any version of Windows works just fine so long as you don’t use any other Microsoft software on your computer. IMHO, Bill’s offspring don’t seem to play well with each other.


    Happy New Year to ALL!

  6. Biker Betty Says:

    Media Command Center – love the name. I’m betting I know who wins the battle for the command center, lol. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.