A Few Days of Pain…(Non Motorbike Related)

Well, it happened again. After this little horror episode in my life last December, I had hoped that the problem with my sinus was cured.

No such luck.

Last Thursday, an hour before I would have left work, a blood vessel ruptured way up in my sinus cavity, (probably that same one…), and I had to go to the hospital again.

I’ve since spent this beautiful riding weekend flat on my back in bed, with not just one, but TWO horrible devices shoved up my nose, like a pair of fists balled up behind my eyeballs, putting constant pressure on the bleed until I can get in for surgery Monday morning. This is the kind of pain that can drive you mad, were it not for the Percoset and Valium thoughtfully prescribed by my doctor.

The surgery they are going to perform tomorrow has me a little freaked-out. Apparently, to fix this problem near the top of my head, they have to start by inserting something into an artery in my groin? Then, under the guidance of x-rays, they will undergo the Fantastic Voyage all the way up to the faulty vessel, where they will plug that sucker up for good.

The procedure is called “Embolization”, and I have Googled it enough to give me nightmares. I’m REALLY not looking forward to this…

What if they miss the target? The only thing back-stopping it is my brain! What if they kick loose a couple of little blood clots along the way and send them upstairs?

The same imagination which allows me to write like I do can be a real curse in these situations.

Never mind. I hope to be back to work on Wednesday or Thursday of next week, and hopefully this blog will resume normal operations next weekend. Until then…

Wish me luck.

28 Responses to “A Few Days of Pain…(Non Motorbike Related)”

  1. Steve Williams Says:

    I’ll say a prayer for you brother for strength and courage to, in this case, let go of the gift of imagination. I can imagine what a potent combination that coupled with Google could be.

    Rest easy and know that a lot of us out here have you in our thoughts.

    Be well!

  2. Stacy Says:

    Ouch! You do have a vivid imagination.

    I wish you luck,

  3. Bob Says:

    Wow. I get nosebleed once in a while but never had to go to the emergency room. I have been lucky i guess. I hope it never happens while riding. I hope everything goes ok for you on monday

  4. Sidewalk Dan Says:

    Get well Gary.

    Let me know if you need anything in the coming weeks.

    Sidewalk Dan out.

  5. Tim Says:

    Your in my prayers.
    I really didn’t know a Vespa could give a rider such a bad nose bleed!

  6. allen madding Says:


    Distract yourself with more enjoyable topics until Monday. You are in our prayers.


  7. chewy Says:

    Luck & prayers.
    Only the good die young.

  8. irondad Says:

    Did you go out for bids? I’m sure Roto Rooter would have come in a little cheaper and they make house calls!

  9. Arizona Lucky Says:

    Wow. Good luck; we’ll send some good vibes your way.

  10. The Snark Says:

    LOL at Irondad and Chewy.

    Gary, don’t worry. If they miss, all that will happen is that they hit empty space, so they can just pull back and try again.

    Good luck, and get back to riding and writing as soon as you can.

  11. Jim C. Says:

    We’ll be thinking of you. Best of luck.

  12. Mad Says:

    Never, ever google a medical procedure before undergoing it! Got my fingers crossed for you buddy.

  13. bro shagg Says:

    Dude! I stop reading for a few weeks (been busy ridin’) and this is what I come back to? So Sorry to hear this… Knowledge might be power, but not where a future medical procedure is concerned! In the medical field these days, just about everything must start with the groin for some reason. Personally, I believe that the smart S&M afficianados that used to go into Dentistry have moved into “real” medicine. (No complaints from the Dental field, please. Notice the quotes around ‘real’.)

    As I type this, you are probably recovering and “resting comfortably” as they say. I close by wishing you Godspeed on your recovery, and DON’T YOU KNOW YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO THIS STUFF DURING THE WINTER SO YOU DON’T LOSE AS MUCH RIDING TIME?!?!? ;)

    Bro Shagg

  14. Greg Says:

    Good luck & God bless. I’ll miss your writing. Get back on those motorbikes soon!

  15. MatL Says:

    I hope it went well today I’ll be thinking of you.

    They had to go in through the groin.. considering how hard it can be to go through the skull. I just hope they didn’t have to shave too much for the procedure :-)

    Hope you have a speedy recovery & may you never need the ‘Rhino Rocket’ again.

  16. Bob Kunkel Says:

    By the time you read this, you’ll be well on your way to a full and speedy recovery. Surprises like these tend to keep the smaller problems in perspective, while at the same time shedding new light on all the positives in our lives. You da man, man.

  17. seagullplayer Says:

    I pray that all goes well. Looking forward to all those scooter pics.

  18. Tinker Says:

    DAY-um! I guess it COULD be worse. They could remove your face to get at your sinuses, stitch it back after. They wanted to ream-and-clean my sinuses that way a few years ago. I said, “No, but thanks all the same.” They said they would fix my devitated septum, on the way out. I said “I’ll just have to remain as ugly as ever.” I get buy with nasal injections that are much like gasoline.

    Surgery sounds like a relief, considering the current treatment, however.

    And let us not forget the pain relief. Good Luck!

  19. Bill Sommers Says:

    Why go through the nose, when they can go through the hose? Get it done, then get back to enjoying the summer riding. Thinking good thoughts for you my brother.

  20. combatscoot Says:

    Can’t they just pump a little stop-leak in your veins? Or how-bout some of that Slime tire sealant? Hope you are well, and on your way to recovery.

  21. Buster Brown Says:

    Holy christ, Gary. Well, the upside is, you get a copious supply of opium derivatives, perhaps even enough to lay some away for a rainy day. Hope it all went well, amigo.

  22. pinecone Says:

    You sound like my mother. Just kidding. I think it’s great you googled, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Wish you the best – take care.

  23. Carl Says:

    Too bad to read about this.

    Get well soon, brother.

  24. Gary Charpentier Says:

    Thanks everybody for your prayers and well-wishes. The surgery was successful, and I am back at work today. Sore as hell, of course, but the narcotics tend to have a damping effect on Existential Gravity. Hey, if I screw up, I’ve got a good excuse, right? “Sorry man, I was on drugs…”

    So, I rode Vespa Rose to work this morning, and will continue that until my groin doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s much less physically demanding. But Frogwing and I are going up to Duluth, Minnesota to visit Jason Fierst and the Aerostich Gang, weekend after next.

    Part II of the Blind Lizard saga will be posted on Sunday, but other than that, I am going to lay low for a few days and nurse my wounds. We should be back up to full speed again next week. Until then…

    Ride well,

  25. Harvey Binder Says:

    Goodl Lord man! I wish you well on a speedy and complete recovery ohmygosh. You’re in my prayers too, m’friend.

    Paul Streeter I want to thank you for the advice on the helmet. I did the goofiest thing and bought one online. It fits about as well and a hlemt can that isn’t a Shoei. Man did I get lucky.
    Thanks for the advice.


  26. seagullplayer Says:

    Glad to hear your up and around, even if it’s going to work…

  27. Tinker Says:

    I think I would have developed EYE TROUBLE! Can’t see going to work today!

  28. Biker Betty Says:

    Glad to hear all went well and wish you a speedy recovery. I’m like a few other of your readers and haven’t been keeping up with my blogging during the summer months.

    Best Wishes, Biker Betty :)