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Conflicts of Interest

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

Weather: Cool and dry… The best of Minnesota in Autumn.
Road Conditions: Dry and congested… The worst of Minnesota Road Construction Season.

Daddy’s home… at last.

I’ve been a Bad Daddy…

That is the consensus between my girls, anyway. Summer is over, after all, and we never even went on vacation together. Not only that, but after a brief and unsuccessful early effort, I gave up on trying to teach Emily Rose to ride her bicycle without training wheels.

Too busy Rambling and writing about it, I guess. Guess hell… I know.

So we have arrived at this unhappy moment, where I must make a Choice:

1) Continue on as I have been, oblivious to the needs of my family and my home, or…

2) Suspend Rush Hour Rambling for awhile, so I can make the necessary repairs to my battered house and domestic relationships.

The house has had a rough year. Hail damaged the roof, and I haven’t even called for an estimate yet. The basement has flooded repeatedly, due to the heavy rains we had in August. Mold is beginning to grow in the wreckage down there, and the smell is intruding upstairs. I have a hell of a mess to clean up, and that is directly analogous to my relationship with the girls.

They aren’t very happy with me right now…

After taking delivery of my new Vespa GTS, I was overcome with creative spirit and the thrill of new adventures. Travel back through this blog to the early part of the season, and you will see what I mean. This Summer was the shortest I can remember, ever. I was lost in my own little world of Rambling and writing, oblivious to the effect it was having on those I love.

And because they love me too, they seldom complained. When they did, it was in a quiet voice, full of hopelessness, because they recognized the signs. Daddy had his blinders on, gazing towards distant horizons, the next ride, the next Ramble, the next adventure.

Even then, I didn’t do all that I had planned this year. Rush Hour Road Tests never happened, for instance. Granted, dealers are a bit stingy with their demo rides these days, but I’m sure I could have bagged a few if I had tried.

I never ventured outside of the Minnesota/Wisconsin area, either. The money wasn’t there, for one thing. Then there was the decision by my boss that I would have to drive a cage on all future audit trips. We can’t have any distractions, you see.

So it has all caught up with me, here on the cusp of Autumn, and I have decided, at long last, to do the Right Thing.

This Winter, I will be riding the bus to work. I have spent the past week learning the routes, before the cold weather sets in. Three busses, two transfers each way. This commute takes an hour and a half in the morning, and two hours in the evening. But I’m not risking my life, and I’m not staying out all night. I get home at a predictable time, and my girls get to have their Daddy back.

I have to do this. There is no other choice. Since I can’t make a living with my writing, I have to concentrate on my Real Job during the day. My nights and weekends will be spent with my family, and fixing my home. There is no room in my life for Rambling, right now.

When the Motorcycle Show comes to the Twin Cities, I will probably attend, and write that up here. I’m sure there will be other occasions where I will have something to share with you. But for the immediate future, Rush Hour Rambling is going into hibernation. It’s all about Priorities.