2011 Royal Enfield B5

On the Texas Gulf Coast, I usually say that riding season begins in late September and ends in mid-May. My commute is 36 miles each way, and I must admit I'm a fair-weather rider. It's really never too cold here, but rain usually keeps me off of the motorcycle. Having some rain gear has allowed me to chance it when the weather is "iffy", taking the bike instead of the car. I've put 3800 miles on the Bullet in the last 8 months, and I plan to tough it out in the summer heat this year, at least on days when it's less than 100 degrees.

With the addition of an aerodynamic windshield, my mileage has gone up from 59-60 mpg up to a consistent 65. But more than that, it just makes the commute that much more enjoyable.

People ask why I'm not afraid to ride on the freeway: I tell them that surface streets and rural highways are scarier, since nobody can pull out in front of you on the Interstate.