95 K11, after rusteration

Bike survived Hurricane Dennis(2005 cat-4,Pensacola,Florida), it spent 2yr in a garage waiting. I bought it for $800,(used). Spent $650.30 for parts, 11 months to tear down,rebuild,replace and restore. Most expensive part: the battery,$125. It started and ran on first try. Took a couple of weeks learning to ride again after a 28yr hiatus.Last 3yrs up on two wheels 100%. Logged 9000 mile last year. Will most likely double that this year. Longest ride to date has been 300 miles. Planning a vacation to Canada this summer.
I don't see giving the ride up any time soon. I'm only 59yrs old and there is a lot of ride left in the bike. The bike gets about 48 mpg city, 62 mpg hwy.