Buell XB12X

New in October. Big change from my Vulcan, but a much better commuter. And a heck of a lot quicker.


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Vulcan Convert

I changed from a Vulcan 750 to a 2009 XB12XT in February. I just wonder why I did not do it sooner.

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I've had my Uly for 5

I've had my Uly for 5 years now and I've never really had any problems with the clutch. I was rather surprised to find out that many people have. I watched a video I found on files search http://byfiles.com that vividly proves this fact. I think it shifts pretty smooth. They do have a hydraulic conversion but I haven't got it yet. The only problem I've had with the bike is the bolts that mount the kickstand to the frame. They have come loose and the bolt heads snapped off, but once replaced with a stronger grade steel this never happened again. I love my bike, it handles well has plenty of power. It's a great ride.

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Great Bike

Besides the world-class suspension, another shining bright spot was the newly designed belt drive. Maybe the validation is you don't even know it's there. Only later do you realize, hey no chain lash, no worn cush drives, no stretchy chains or worn sprockets to replace, this belt drive works amazingly well. As you roll on the power or roll off, there's never a bobble or gap in the power delivery. It's almost as if the motor and rear wheel are one, rather than two separate pieces fighting each other.