Redneck Harley


Can't beleive anyone would

Can't beleive anyone would go to the trouble, but love it anyway.


I want to meet the guy who built this. I take it he's a carpenter and not a welder. What an imagination. Have you had to replace any of the frame "beams"? Is it still holding together? I want to take it for a ride just to say "I RODE That!" Cool bike it should end up in the Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum. Cactus Jack

thats crazy

My dad would really get a kick out of this, he likes this kind of crazy stuff who ever made that bike must be a


just look at the engine and trans


Where are the brakes? I don't see any in front. Does it have rear brakes?

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A Real Heritage Springer Hardtail

You can tell it's not a Harley because there aren't any signs of oil leaks under it . . .

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This is very funny pic but

This is very funny pic but it looks like a classical version. valet parking luton airport

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Although the design is

Although the design is unique, but this one is not reliable. meet and greet luton