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People have fought for years about their rights on how and where they can use a cell phone. If you stopped everyone and listened in, I bet over half of the calls were of no importance. Lane sharing/splitting reduces fuel use, reduces exhaust emissions, both help save the planet, it reduces wear on the engine, moves of few people through traffic (not our fault more people don’t ride). Lived in California for over 15 years and took full advantage of Lane Splitting when I could. Lived in Tucson and was stuck in sweltering heat and not allowed to share the lane. Now live in Seattle and traffic is just getting worse by the day and can’t split here either. They passed a law not allowed d to use a cell phone while driving unless you use a hands free device. But the Law Enforcement Officers will only write you for a ticket if you are involved in an accident, it’s not even probable cause to pull you over because unsafe driving has become the norm and people believe that it’s their right and do not want to be hampered with driving safe or allowing a smart laws to be passed.

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Avoid accidents and congestion

In my city trafficking is also a big problem as number of cars on road is increasing day by day and to tackle the high congestion the traffic system in all the metropolitan cities should be improved so as to avoid accidents and congestion.

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Disabling device

The insurance company will give a discount for having a cell phone disabling device. Farmers car insurance quotes usually ask specific questions to assess your driving habits. If the insurance company knows you are less at risk for cell phone related accidents you will be rewarded with a lower rate. Use these tips to help obtain and maintain a safe driving environment by not using the cell phone while driving. Always ask for a disabling device discount if it is not offered during the car insurance quote.

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splitting vs helmets

Yes, I am also longing for the adoption of lane splitting in other states than California (I think its still the only one?). My state of Indiana doesn't allow lane splitting, but you aren't required to wear a helmet either, which is nice for when you really want to take in the breeze. - JohnBrown

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Law which doesn't allow

Law which doesn't allow using phone while driving can be properly described in my law essay writing. I think it is a very interesting writing topic.

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Most people do not even make

Most people do not even make an effort to find out about their legal rights until and unless they have been subject to an car accident or any other accident. In most cases, an employee in a company does not care for his legal rights until and unless he has been unfairly dismissed from his job and losses his pay.

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Market pressure can be used

Market pressure can be used to demand good protections for consumer information. There needs to be the right kind of privacy settings and the right kinds of safeguards in place so that people can use new technology and not have to worry that their information is going to be used or accessed in ways that they didn't intend. Consumers can do a lot by using services that have better protections.

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the only peoples are

the only peoples are responsible to take phone calls in traffic even they know about the rules and regulations.

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It is beneficial to both

It is beneficial to both businesses and consumers. It provides greater information and options for consumer's choice of supply and the same time

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In U.s there are more female

In U.s there are more female motorist than according to the University of Michigan's Transportation Research.This reverses a gender gap that has existed behind the wheel for a long time, notes the Associated Press. Researchers claim that the driver's license shift will have substantial impacts on safety technology and economics.