Mayor's Letter - Ride to Work Day 2014

Ride To Work
A Call to Action for Mayors and Elected Officials
In many parts of the country increased traffic and parking congestion problems are accompanied by too-rapidly deteriorating roads due to higher-than-ever numbers of single-occupancy automobiles used for commuting and short-distance personal transportation.
You hold a key to reducing these problems by supporting a more efficient and fun way to commute. This year marks the 23rd annual worldwide motorcycle and scooter Ride to Work Day on Monday, June 16th. Riders seek government endorsement and employer recognition and support riding and utility transportation. Show public and government awareness of the positive value of riding by proclamation and help us champion the positive public and social benefits of riding.
Motorcycle and Scooter commuting and utility transportation riding :
  • Reduces traffic and parking congestion
  • Consumes fewer resources per mile, per commuter than typical automobiles
  • Results in less environmental impacts
  • Is less destructive to road surfaces and bridges
  • Allows commuters to get to work (and back home) faster
  • Makes people more alert and engaged than typical automobile drivers
  • Demonstrates motorcycling as a social good
Join the United States Congress members of the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus, as well as hundreds of other communities and organizations, along with millions of motorcyclists worldwide who support Ride to Work Day. Your administration and city can also directly encourage this popular grass-roots event by issuing an official proclamation and also even announce that on this day motorcycles and scooters may park at municipal ramps and metered spaces without charge.
Visit for further information, forum areas, merchandise, information, and free promotional support materials.
Andy Goldfine
Community Ride to Work Day Organizer
View this letter in Word and PDF formats. Download the Proclamation Template.
Ride to Work Day, a 501 c4 nonprofit organization, can be reached at:
POB 1072, Proctor, Minnesota, 55810 USA
218 722 9806
Ride to Work Day Mission Statement:
To advocate and support the use of motorcycles and scooters for transportation, and to provide information about transportation riding to the public.
Affiliated Ride to Work Day Countries:
Canada, Germany, Philippines, England, France, Israel, Turkey, Ecuador, United States, and many others.
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