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Antique Motorcycle Ride to Work

Ride to Work 2011

Published in The Antique Motorcycle, Winter 2011

We all know motorcycles are just plain fun to ride. But what many outside the motorcycle world tend to forget is that they're also a viable form of transportation, dating back to the very beginning.

That's the point of the annual Ride to Work Day—to show the world that motorcyclists who commute to their jobs are helping to save gas and reduce traffic gridlock. And hey, if we're having a little fun along the way, what's wrong with that?

A Mile a Minute: Utility

A Mile a Minute: Utility

By Stephen Berner
Published in Iron Works Magazine, April 2010

These days with things being what they are and luxury being what it is, I am thinking utility. To that point, I've been churning the manner in which we use and relate to our motorcycles, which if you look at, it in many cases, are luxury items relegated to Sunday duty. In pursuing this line of utilitarian curiosity, I've had dialogue with taste makers, journalists, pundits, commuters, hi-milers and have studied the Aerostich catalog (the bible of motorcycle utility).

Green, Green, It's Green They Say*

Green, Green, It's Green They Say*

Editorial by Jerry C. Smith

Rider July 2008 - One Track Mind

One Track Mind: Short Takes

By Mark Tuttle Jr.

Practicing safe fuel conservation.

Ride to Work Day is July 16, 2008

RoadBike June 08 - Gouged At The Pump

Gouged At The Pump

By Steve Lita, Editor of RoadBike Magazine

June 2008

What Killed 'Ride To Work' Magazine?

What Killed 'Ride To Work' Magazine?

By Maynard Hershon

From Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine, November 2007

In bookstores, there is a new kind of magazine focusing on luxury touring by motorcycle. These glossy monthlies showcase routes and destinations for Road King, Gold Wing and K1200LT riders - folks who can afford to travel any way they like but choose to ride. The new magazines aren't much different from other travel publications, except that, they're about motorcycle riding.

Take That by Bill Wood

From American Motorcyclist August 2007


From Viewpoint Column by Bill Wood

Gas stop turns into Ride to Work rant

I’m most of the way to work when the amber light starts winking at me from the instrument cluster, saying, “time to get gas… time to get gas” every second or so.

The Road Less Traveled - by Scott Cochran

From U.S. Rider News July 2007

Editorial by Scott Cochran, National Editor

Ride to Work Day attracts over 300,000

Miami Herald WLRN talks about increased riders on the road and Ride To Work Day.

Ride To Work from The Redneck Files

RTW for Website

RTW Transcription from Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly July 2006

from The Redneck Files column